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Welcome to the home of Richy's Retro Roadshow.

The Retro Roadshow is a radio show dedicated to playing 70s and 80s chart, disco and soul records.

Some we know as classics, and some we may have just forgotten about in the midst of time.

One thing's for certain ... you'll hear them all on the Retro Roadshow ..

... the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Richy says …… “Get in touch and let me know the following”


  • I would like to know your favourite LONG SONG from the 70/80’s … and by long song I mean, anything over 5 minutes long (but less than 10 mins) that generally doesn’t get air time on national or commercial radio.


  • The FIRST 7” single record/45rpm you bought in the 70/80’s with your own money.


  • The one song from the 70/80’s in your playlist, record collection or on your iPod/tablet that most definitely, positively, 100%, HAS to be played with the volume turned to MAX. ….. Yes, I want to hear your LOUD SONG !!”

Richy's Retro Roadshow

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